There are some changes you probably want to make to your computer if (1) your computer has not had regular access to the internet and (2) has not been receiving Windows updates regularly AND (3) you have a Jetpack or other connection with data limits.  If all three conditions are true, please follow the directions below to "meter" your connection.

Windows tries to updates its operating system fairly regularly.  If you have not been receiving the updates because your computer has not been connected to the internet, Windows will try to download all the missing updates.  This can total several gigabytes of data right away.  If you have a Jetpack or other device that has a monthly data limit, this can become a significant one time expense.  To avoid Windows downloading all its missing updates all at once, you need to “meter” your connection if you are using Windows 8 or 10, or change your settings on Windows 7 to not automatically download updates. Metering your connection will only allow Windows to update priority updates over a particular connection.  You can meter one connection at a time.  Essentially, every Wifi that you connect to needs to be metered individually.  Windows will rely on the name of the Wifi connection.  That means you can meter your Jetpack while not metering the free wifi at McDonald’s, for example.  Your computer will then use McDonald’s Wifi to download the updates that are not high priority.

Be aware that you can meter your connection now, but if you are using a Jetpack, you will have to meter the connection again when the Jetpack is activated and the Wi-fi name changes. Just come back to these instructions after the Jetpack is activated and meter the new connection.

If you want to upgrade to Windows 10, we suggest you do so over an connection that does not have a data limit or charge.

To meter your Windows 7 computer: