Planned Upgrades

Planned Upgrades

The following is a list of planned upgrades to the service broken down by security, product features, and product enhancements.


1. Locking down software: Currently, the software we put on machines is capable of being uninstalled.  After successful beta testing, we will put in a feature that requires a password to uninstall the software.  We will keep that password, so confirmation over the phone is necessary to uninstall the software.  That feature will be upgraded by the end of 2015.

2. Outside email access: Currently, our email server is accessible from outside the internet, which means that you can access your email from an unprotected computer.  That feature will be upgraded before the end of the first quarter of 2016.


1. File sharing: The ability to share large files is currently being developed and we expect to trial that implementation before the end of August 2015.


Most of these enhancements relate to the Resource Library.  We are currently working on creating the content for the Resource Library.  Until we determine the underlying technology infrastructure, requests for web sites to be added to the Resource Library may or may not take a long time.

This is the prime focus of the development effort at the moment, and more information should be available soon.