System Failures

System Failures

9/27/2016 - Edgewave was down for about 2 hours. The links in the spam digest were broken and we were unable to go directly to the dashboard with out getting a "Secure Connection Failed type message. 

Message from firefox: "The connection to was interrupted while the page was loading." 
Message from Chrome: “This site can’t provide a secure connection. sent an invalid response”

8/31/2016 AT&T Mail Servers were rejecting garden mail on and off since May 2016. After working with AT&T postmaster we believe the issue has been resolved. Delisting Request several times did not work. We communicated with the post master for a more permanent solution.

5/12/2016 - Due to an unexpected system issue, the Private Garden was unavailable from around midnight through 9am ET on 5/12. All systems are now restored.

2/23/2016 - SSL mail access disabled do to security testing in progress. To continue receiving email, uncheck "require SSL" box in email account settings.

2/23/2016 - replaced with There was a several hour period during the late morning hours when Server Error 500 was being received when trying to follow links from Spam Digest Reports. The issue has been resolved. Additionally, when accessing, an SSL Certificate security exception may occur. This is acceptable and does not pose a risk.

UPDATE 2/20/2016 - Issue found and resolved relating to delayed email delivery

2/4/2016 - more complaints about slow processing of emails (switch to new server is still in process)

1/26/2016 - Received reports that on the morning of 1/26 Redcondor was down. It is now back up and appears to be working properly. Down time: unknown



All services have been restored.

If when you try and load, the menu on the left only contains “Customer Support,” it may be necessary to force a checkin on your device.

To force a checkin navigate to: This PC –> Windows (C:) –> Program Files (x86) –> Verizon –> Verizon Agent

Then double-click CheckInUtility. A box should immediately popup that indicates “A Check In has started.” Hit the OK button.

Return to your Browser and type (or click that link). Be careful the address does not auto-complete to something other than the homepage.

This should be all that is required.

At this time, Internet Explorer (IE) is still intermittently having issues. If you find IE is not acting as expected, please switch to Chrome. If you do not have Chrome, you can find directions and the installer here: Installing Chrome

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience this outage caused and appreciate everyone’s patience.




Unavailable Services (down)

  • including the Resource Library
  • Remote Desktop
  • Software updates and licensing

Available Services (up)

  • Email
  • The email quarantine (
  • Files (
  • Special Requests

At 6:15am ET on 1/15/16 Verizon, one of our providers made an accidental change to our account. As a result, part of our server facility has lost connectivity. The list above indicates which services are still available and which are unavailable at this time.

Verizon’s change is irreversible. As a result, we are reassigning the disconnected part of our facility to a new Verizon resources. We expect this process to take a few hours.

When the issue has been resolved on our end, a System Checkin will need to take place on each and every Jetpack and Device connected to the Private Garden. We will post detailed instructions here and send an email explaining how to force your devices to Checkin.

We apologize for this system downtime and are doing everything we can to bring all resources back up as quickly and safely as possible. 

1/15/2016 - a change was made without our prior knowledge or consent to our ip addresses resulting in the loss of access to and remote desktop capabilities.  


12/2/2015 - email filtering caused several hour delay for emails that were not from senders on the Friends list.  Problem resolved.


11/18/2015 - spam digest was not created for two days.  Problem resolved.

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