System Update Log

System Update Log

Verizon Agent

3.2.217 released 7/3/2015
3.1.222 released 7/16/2015
3.1.224 released 7/27/2015
3.1.225 released 7/31/2015 - BRG members only
3.1.226 released 8/17/2015 - Alpha test group
3.1.226a released 1/4/2016 - makes the software unable to be uninstalled by end users without assistance from Support team
3.1.227 released 2/5/2016 - password now required to uninstall software
3.1.228 released 2/23/2016 - passwords now valid 12:01am - 11:59pm for the date issued

Resource Library

1.0 released 09/2015
2.0 released 11/2015 - allows more functionality, issues: some functionality of javascript on certain pages is not functional, intermittent availability of videos on some sites


1.0 released - no known issues

Email Quarantine

1.0 released - now functioning acceptably

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