Unable to access The Private Garden

Unable to access The Private Garden

First make sure you are using google chrome as your browser. If you are than, please force a check-in on your computer and delete your browsing history (steps listed below). Once you have done that try to go to privategarden.org and see if it still says "Private Garden is Private" If it does or if you are having trouble, please let us know.

To force a check-in follow these steps....

 Open the files on your computer

    Go to your C drive

        Open Program Files X86

            Open Verizon Folder

                Open Verizon Agent Folder

                    Now double click on "Check-in Utility"

To delete your browsing history

   Open google chrome

      Click on the 3 horizontal bars in the top right corner

         Click on settings

             Click on History in the top left corner

                 Click Clear Browsing data

                     Change the drop down menu from "The Past Hour" to "The beginning of Time"

                         Leave the top 4 boxes checked

                            Click clear browsing data

Now close all windows and restart the computer. Once the computer comes back on, make sure you have a connection to your jetpack or network, open Google Chrome and go to privategarden.org